Scalp Tricopigmentation For Women  


I have to admit, when I first learned about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), I completely fell in love with it, because it gives people suffering from hair loss the chance to get their confidence back. Most of them have tried it all and have lost hope. 

SMP Micropigmentation of the scalp is a treatment for complete or partial hair loss that uses the most revolutionary technology to “recover” lost hair. Natural pigments are applied to the scalp to mimic the natural appearance of real hair follicles, giving you the appearance of a full set of hair that you have decided to shave. It can also add density to long hair, nurturing your self-esteem with a safe, secure procedure. SMP is the best non-surgical solution for hair loss, leaving behind more invasive and dangerous procedures or treatments that could ultimately leave a worse appearance on the patient's scalp.

With SMP I offer you a real and effective treatment, suitable for all types and stages of hair loss, in all ages, colors, and skin types.I use only the most advanced equipment and techniques and I know all the little nuances that come into play. I recognize that your follicles do not always grow naturally in the same direction; so I will mimic your hair pattern; it’s natural course and density. I also understand that your hair follicles are not all the same shade; so I use 3-4 shades of pigment to create the most natural result.

People experience hair loss for a number of reasons and It can be a depressing moment; the stigmas associated with baldness and premature aging in both men and women can affect confidence and mood. Micropigmentation of the scalp can restore even a completely bald head, so it can look like a full head of well-groomed hair, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

SMP treatment is carried out in 2, 3, and up to 4 sessions, each lasting approximately 2 to 6 hours, with at least a week between sessions depending on the recovery of each patient. The process allows for a gradual build-up of density during the three sessions. I start with a lighter color and a slightly higher hairline during the first session, so that you can gradually get used to your new hairline as the days go by. Color and density will increase in the following sessions, understanding that each patient is a different case.
During the procedure, a specially designed needle is used to gently inject the natural pigment into the second layer of dermal skin to “create” each hair follicle. Pigment spacing is determined by replicating the remaining natural hair follicles. As someone who understands how important self image is, I promise you: I will not rest until you reach perfection. Your friends and family won't know what changed but they will notice something did: your looks, yes, but mostly your confidence.


This procedure can give the appearance of a full, sexy, and youthful short hair, and simulate a full forehead. It is recommended to fix completely bald heads both in men and women, bald spots, scarring, birthmarks, and the effects of unsuccessful hair transplant.  


Some of the most common problems in men are crown baldness and receding hairline. Micropigmentation rejuvenates the crown's appearance, and gives a completely realistic hairline. Micropigmentation of the scalp will camouflage wherever your area of ​​concern is, leaving you with a short, strong, and attractive hairline.


Almost 5% of women suffer from hair loss or thinning. With micropigmentation, a woman with long, short or very short hair can get the appearance of more abundant hair.

SMP is also effective to fix diffuse hair loss, which can affect both sexes at any age and can be caused by anything that affects the normal hair cycle, like emotional stress and also poor diet. SMP is an incredibly effective solution that restores confidence and appearance.

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